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Year 7 & 8

Our school is structured to accommodate the Year 7 & 8 years (known as a full primary). We are both proud and confident in the knowledge our children are set for success because they stay the full course at Gulf Harbour School.

Why we have Years 7 & 8

This decision is driven by a strong belief in providing the best structure for an age group that is very sensitive, changing significantly and highly influenced by peer pressure. The opportunity for leadership, nurturing and positive relationship building is paramount at this age. Our model works!

Most (95%) of children enter High School (College) at Year 9. On the Coast the option is different. Gulf Harbour School favours the entry at Year 9 in terms of readiness, maturity and self confidence.

We believe we see in our children higher levels of self awareness and self confidence. Our children leave Gulf Harbour knowing who they are, and confident in their ability to do well. Peer pressure is a significant issue for this age group. We believe we can influence this in a positive manner with our children not being “fast tracked” into adulthood, still enjoying their childhood, and having the opportunity to stand as a strong leader within the school. Our children leave the school confident in knowing who they are! Our children have a voice. They drive not only their learning but their leadership and leave our school stronger in character and belief.

Our commitment to have 8 years in the primary / intermediate sector and then move on to the 5 years secondary schooling model (as in most of New Zealand schools) is right.

Our results attest to the fact that our children not only do well in academic subjects but bring to their learning a wide range of skill sets and communication tools.

Our parents and students who have now moved onto secondary schools identify the following:

  • Our children leave with a high level of self confident and self belief.
  • They are ready for secondary schooling.
  • They carry a positive approach to learning, leadership and self belief.
  • The influence their teachers have had on them and their learning is significant.

Summary comment.

We see the Yr 7 & 8 years as critical in setting students up for success and will continue to promote this as a sound and considered commitment that Gulf Harbour will pursue. From the stories we have heard, the feedback and the knowledge we carry about our children in Years 7 & 8, we confidently continue to promote this as a positive alternative.

We would ask our parents to make responsible and informed decisions on what we believe to be an important option offered and unique to Gulf Harbour School.

We would be happy to discuss any questions or issues you may have.

John Petrie,  Principal,

Gulf Harbour School
Gulf Harbour School

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