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The Gulf Harbour school sports academy was launched in 2012 and is open to students in years 5-8.  Students will be selected on their overall athletic ability which would see testing take place in speed and agility, endurance, eye hand co-ordination, balance, and team work.  Sports Academy would focus on students who show elite sporting potential. Consideration will also be given to classroom performance, self-management and social skills. Students wishing to be a part of this group will need to officially apply for a position through the completion of an application pack.

Purpose for the School:

  • Lift the sporting profile of the school.
  • To become more competitive and successful in out of school competitions.
  • To be able to have more focus on ‘game sense’ with essential skills taken care of.
  • Preparedness of students for sports competitions.
  • Greater support in school sports.
  • To develop leaders throughout the school who will be mentored and take leadership roles with school sporting activities.

Purpose for the Students:

  • To increase all-round athletic skill levels.
  • To experience success in sporting competitions.
  • To set, work at, and achieve goals.
  • To experience using skills in a wide range of sporting codes.
  • To develop a winners’ mentality.
  • To become proficient at coaching a variety of sports.
  • To be prepared for up and coming sporting competitions.
  • To compete at a regional sports camp in 28 disciplines.
  • To participate and be monitored in a personalised fitness program.
  • To be educated in good nutrition.
  • To develop life skills necessary for success.
  • To be given opportunities to fully extend athletic potential.
  • To belong to a body of people that works towards the same goals.
  • To develop self-discipline necessary for team success.
  • To gain further knowledge of the body and how to work it to its’ maximum potential.
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