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Special Needs

Our school is well known for our support and guidance offered to students with special needs. Our preference is to support children in the classroom programme. We have a number of initiatives and additional programmes for children. Golly the reading dog is just one these programmes.

Students with Special Needs/Special Abilities are viewed as full members of the Gulf Harbour School Community. Classroom teachers are seen as primary to the provision of adaptive strategies. The goal is to cater for these students who require individual programmes, environmental adaptation and additional resources in order to be effective members of the school community.

Those students identified as having needs that are not able to be fully met within the existing classroom programme often require additional assistance to help meet their learning objectives. This is achieved through close support and monitoring overseen by Jane Cochrane.

All monies allocated to the school for the provisions of services and/or resources to special needs students will be distributed accordingly.


Priority 1:
Pupils qualifying for assistance under RTLB, ORR’s, Severe Behaviour, Speech Language.

Priority 2:
Pupils identified as requiring 1:1 or small group assistance. SENCO or Teacher Aide.

Priority 3:
Pupils identified as benefiting from In-class support within group situations and in specific targeted areas and timeframes. This includes children with special needs and abilities.

Parent /whanau involvement is viewed as essential in developing programmes to support students.
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