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At Gulf Harbour School we have a school wide commitment to Outdoor Education. This belief is driven by a real desire to see our children challenged in a supportive and managed environment, that provokes values such as self belief, risk taking, compassion, consideration and teamwork. We also seek to bring our learning programmes into an authentic context, and venturing beyond the classroom and school environs is part of this strategy.

Our school values of bravery, resilience, responsibility and fun are key drivers in the events and activities we pursue.

We are amongst the most fortunate of New Zealanders with a Regional Park at our doorstep, and a staff and school willing to promote outdoor education opportunities. In an age where these events are minimised and often reduced to sterile contexts the leadership of Gulf Harbour School are extremely proud of our programmes.

Year 5 Whatipu Lodge Huia
Date: March 7th - 11th
Theme: Attitudes dictate Altitude
Focus: Extending the boundaries and addressing limiting attitudes
Cost: $150.00

Year 6 Kawau Island
Date: June 27th - July 1st
Theme: Team Work
Focus: The power of team, synergy and support.
Cost: $240.00

Year 7 Kauaeranga Valley - Thames. Dates to be confirmed
All Year 7 students
Theme: Self Belief
Focus: Managing self, taking personal responsibility and carrying the load.
Cost: To be confirmed - approximately $340.00

Year 8 Tongariro National Park 6th - 11th November.
All Year 8 students
Theme: Goals
Focus: Leadership, reaching the summit, pushing through.
Cost: To be confirmed - approximately $310.00
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