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Te Reo Tuatahi Maori

Te Reo is delivered in all classrooms with the asistance of our specialist Maori Language Teacher. We see this as a very important part of our school programme and culture.


Our Years 4 - 8 students experience a first encounter with learning Mandarin as a second language.
Learning another language is part of the New Zealand Curriculum with the understanding that citizens of New Zealand are also citizens of the world. We want our students to be aware of the importance of international languages, such as Mandarin, in relation to culture and cultural exchanges, literature, music, science and technology, and trade and tourism. We think that learning a new language opens a new world and lets us understand our world in more depth.


Our school has a multicultural community. Many students that attend Gulf Harbour School don’t speak English as their native language.
If a student needs help with their English, he or she attends our so ESOL programme. ESOL stands for “English for speakers of other languages”. 
The students are assessed by a specialist teacher and taught in small groups outside their mainstream classroom once or twice a week. International students that attend our international programme as well as students that live in New Zealand with their families are part of the ESOL programme.
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