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Musical Production

The Snow Queen for 2015

Performance Dates:

  • Monday 17th August - evening
  • Tuesday 18th August - afternoon
  • Wednesday 19th August - evening

Lots of amazing food and drink will be available at all shows, please bring cash.

"A magical musical comedy, The Snow Queen follows the newly crowned Queen Elsa, who flees after accidentally using her power to turn things into ice and leave her home in infinite winter, her sister, Anna, teams up with a mountain man, his playful reindeer, and a snowman to find her sister and bring back summer!"

This is our seventh musical production. Primarily a Year 7 & 8 project, we have previously performed 'Quest' - Fairy Tale Fantasy, Kids at Sea, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, A Kidsummer Night's Dream, Bugsy Malone and Space!.

Every Year 7 & 8 student is involved and they work hard from beginning to end, not only singing, dancing and acting but also playing a huge part in making props, helping with costumes, advertising and designing our unique 'digital backdrops'.

Each year there is great excitement focused around production and all the students are fully immersed in the journey. One of the best things is to see the huge amount of confidence gained by the kids on this journey and no matter what their role they all 'shine'!

Tickets are available now at the school shop online or from reception at Gulf Harbour School.

For further information contact Silvie Watts:

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