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Neille Bonner

Neille Bonner I have been an active member on the Board of Trustees at Gulf Harbour School for 5 years, serving the last three years as Board Chair. During this time I have overseen significant development and change within our School. My two daughters attend GHS and my wife is a teacher at the school. I am passionate about our Gulf Harbour Community and providing a rich and rewarding education for our children.

In the last three years on the Board the following achievements stand out for me:

  • Development of an improved Maori Culture within the School including our first Powhiri and the Board undertaking Hautu development;
  • Overseeing an improved financial position and changing operating models to achieve this;
  • Re-introduction of the PTA leading to improved fund raising targets;
  • A 30% improvement in school donations;
  • Introducing innovative thinking, for example discounts at the school shop when donations have been paid;
  • Introduction of the new school uniform;
  • Endorsing and introducing the new Deputy Principal structure to encourage greater focus and accountability on learning outcomes for our children, and a stronger level of community engagement.
It is important for us to continue our journey of improvement. I still have much more to contribute and aim to deliver the following outcomes:
  • Achievement of National Standards targets in reading, writing and maths;
  • Continuing to lead the charge for building a school hall;
  • To provide innovative and creative thinking whilst challenging the norm;
  • Attracting staff and students to our School;
  • Being more proactive in the Community to ensure parents have a strong voice;
  • To provide Leadership and Direction for the incoming Board if re-elected as Chair.
I am passionate about making a difference for children, teachers and parents at Gulf Harbour School. I believe that providing Leadership and continuation during a change in Board is important for future stability and goal achievement.
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